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The AquilaAsset ManagementTeam

Sales Bischofberger
Portfolio Manager

Direct +41 58 680 64 32

Sales Bischofberger is the CEO of Aquila Asset Management Ltd. and co-responsible for the fund management of our funds and fund of fund strategies. Before joining the company, he carried out several functions, such as Chief Investment Officer of Solitaire Aquila AG and member of the management board of Rubin Overseas. He was also responsible for the portfolio management of high net worth individuals and all “Fund of Fund”-Strategies of AIG Private Bank. Furthermore, he held the positions of fund manager at Bank Hofmann, Credit Suisse Asset Management and institutional sales at Bank Vontobel, all in Zurich. Sales Bischofberger received his diplomas from the Swiss Society of Financial Analysts and Portfolio Managers in Zurich.

Heinz Leu
Business Development

Direct +41 58 680 64 34

Heinz Leu is responsible for the acquisition and support of investors at Aquila Asset Management AG. He has been working in the banking industry for about 40 years and has been successfully distributing funds since 2014. Before joining Solitaire Aquila AG, Zurich, as an asset manager, he worked for the former Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS AG) in Zug and in Zurich, with stays in Western Switzerland, New York City and the Cayman Islands in various capacities. He also worked for Solitaire Wealth Management AG, Zurich and Reyl & Cie., Zurich, as an external asset manager. He has decades of experience in private banking. In 1987, Heinz Leu received the eidgenössisches Bankendiplom.

Patrik Kauffmann
Portfolio Manager

Direct +41 58 680 64 33

Patrik Kauffmann is the CIO of Aquila Asset Management AG and responsible for the portfolio management. Before joining the company he carried out several functions, such as Fund Manager at Solitaire Aquila AG, Reyl & Cie and responsible for the investment strategy of bank zweiplus AG, all in Zurich. Patrik Kauffmann has a Bachelor degree in International Management from the European School of Business and Reims Management School. He speaks several languages.